2010 tax changes that affect the real estate investor
Including: Brand New Changes as of January 5, 2011

The 2010 Tax Changes are Staggering...Even With the "Bush Tax Cuts" Extension!
You've Heard All the Talk in Congress About New Tax Changes, Don't Think for a Minute That Everything Will Be the Same as Last Year Just Because They've Extended the Bush Tax Cuts....

The 25-Most-Important-Changes You Need to Know About BEFORE You File Your Taxes!
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[Special Notice]: Why Your Tax Preparer Won't Be Telling You Most of This? (nothing against tax preparers, I use one myself)

Four Reasons:

. Many of these changes were just recently made public, most of which have still not even shown up on the tax code website yet. (The IRS likes to wait until the end of the year, make it retroactive so you can't do anything about it.)

. The tax code changes that recently came out are over 1500 pages long. And another 3,500 pages of tax info from the recent health care legislation just passed and the recent Stimulus pkg. documents. Not to mention the hundreds of additional pages now being added to the tax code from changes just made in November 2010! Who’s had time to read all that?
. Brand new laws Actually Penalize and FINE CPA's for giving ADVICE. All they're ‘supposed’ to do now is put the numbers you give them in the right boxes. (not kidding)
Sound crazy? check out the ruling on this one:
If a tax return preparer knowingly or recklessly makes an unauthorized use or disclosure of tax return information, the preparer can be charged with a misdemeanor bearing a fine of up to $1,000 and up to one year of imprisonment per violation, together with having to pay the costs of prosecution (IRS code sec 7216)

. No disrespect to tax preparers, but they've got many industries to do taxes for, how can one person or even one firm possibly keep up with all the changes in every single niche industry?

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Norm Reid

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